Smart Building

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Problem :
The world is booming with smart technology. In this generation people wish to have things done at their fingertips. Along with this we also need to conserve electricity to face the power crisis. A lot of power is wasted when the loads are on when not required.

Our proposal: To have a smart system where every load is monitored and controlled through sensors and also through the mobile interface. The wireless communication system that we are going to design can help us to manage and utilise power in a better way.

Description of project:
“Smart building is about the building automation beginning to anticipate and cater your needs and living in a automation environment that cares about you.” A smart building is one that is both intelligent and green. It is a building that uses both technology and process to create a facility that is safe and comfortable and enables productivity and well being of its occupants. It provides timely, integrated system information for its owners so that they may make intelligent decisions regarding its operation and maintenance. The main objective of our proposal is to implement technology solutions to improve the energy efficiency. implementation of smart modules which contributes to smart cities. using innovative technologies and bridging the gap between current technologies like IoT, and controllers like Raspberry-Pi, Arduino etc. This reduces emissions from households, industries to improve eco-sufficiency. Our proposal uses modules which are intelligent that can communicate with different appliances present inside the house and uses them only when they are in need, for example it provides light to rooms based on occupancy schedule as well as natural light intensity. Every device is connected to the cloud and their status can be monitored from anywhere by the user and can be controlled.

Motion detection system
When a person enters into a room their presence is detected through the motion sensor and this can be used to trigger the fans and lights in the room. One might face the situation like , they dont want the lights and fans to be on. So we need to consider further solutions.
• Light detection system
when the person presence is detected, the control moves to the light sensor to get the confirmation to trigger the Lights in the room . the intensity in the room is detected and then if it is dark the lights are switched on.
• Temperature and Humidity detection
similarly in the case of fans , the control is moved to the Temperature and Humidity sensor. Based on the temperature and humidity in the room the fans are triggered on.

Mobile Interface :
In many situations like the climatic changes and also the human requirements, we need to toggle the fans or lights crossing beyond the automation. these things can be handled using the mobile interfacing. So virtually one can trigger/toggle any switch with the help cloud.


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