Piezoelectric Generator

The present invention is related to a mechanism and method to extract electrical energy from mechanical energy using piezoelectric materials such that the resulted voltage and power is higher compared to present mechanisms. In the following description, the different configuration of the ‘high voltage piezoelectric electrical energy producing mechanism’ which hereinafter is called ‘electric generator’ is presented.

This generator consists of multiple piezoelectric generators which are activated by a cam mechanism. Cam rotation causes the compression of the helical spring. The more number of piezoelectric elements the smoother output voltage will be.

Benefits of the invention:
1- There is no coil and magnet therefor the weight of the system is highly reduced
2- The voltage of the system can controlled by the stiffness of the spring
3- The voltage generated by the system is order of KV
4- The cost of the production is pretty low
5- The structure is simple that results in a good manufacturing process

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    Roozbeh Khodambashi, Amirebrahim Darabi
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    Roozbeh Khodambashi

    Amir Darabi

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    Simplifying the design of the systems in order to make them more efficient and cost effective.
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