Rocker Walker

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Walker for Paraplegics

What is proposed is a walking device for paraplegics wherein the person is supported on the chair portion and stabilized with waist straps. Two of the legs are hinged at the knee. As the person shifts their upper body weight backward, the legs swing forward and backward.

Forward range of motion is limited by the front legs (sit/stand) and rearward motion by a bar between the legs. As the weight is shifted back onto the rear legs the person’s weight forces the front legs forward. All four legs could be “tube in tube” air and spring shocks. One of the front legs would have a forward facing peg such that it can be used to catch on the step of a stair case. As the device is rocked from side to side the user can climb the stairs one step at a time using the banister and one for arm crutch during stair climbing.

Shock absorbers in the lower legs would be needed for smoothness. Curved feet extending backwards from the front feet and forward from the rear feet would also help make the ride smoother.

Use of my rough terrain crutches provides stability over a normal forearm crutch.

Access and egress is achieved while lying on the ground, chair or bed and pushing ones self up sideways.


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