Electronic Toric Marker is a medical instrument used in the case of Glaucoma eye disease, which is primarily observed in millions of sugar patients. Toric Marker head places two small lines/dots across pupil for pre-op/intra-op reference marking for alignment purpose.

In last few decades, many attempts have been made on person identification using biometric and non-biometric features. The main objective of person identification is to ensure that the services are accessed only by a legitimate user.

In vitro studies of cell behavior are an essential prerequisite in determining in vivo responses to pharmacological agents, cell therapies, biomaterials, and implantable devices. However,

Donald W. Collins, Ph.D., has been involved in developing the ACADZ 3D STL Radiation Compensator Negative Plastic Mold Filter Conversion Software/Hardware - “Combined Package” to convert the DICOM RT Optimal Fluence Patient Treatment Plan Files (.dcm) into 3D (.

In an attempt to understand the cause, and find a solution for Parkinson disease, I thought about some similarities on a problem that I was having with an old computer. I had upgraded some programs, but had not renewed the hardware,

Presents an Artificial Intelligence auto learning, early auto diagnostic, auto alert vital signs wireless Plaster. It can be used for real-time monitoring of ECG, respiratory rate, falling and patients temperatures. The proposed device is a lightweight plaster, attached to the chest. It has several sensors, ECG,

Ischemia, a local blood supply disorder resulting from reduction or complete deficiency of blood supply in an organ or in a tissue caused by constriction or obstruction of its blood vessels, resulting in hypoxia, malnutrition and finally necrosis of the part of an organ suffering from ischemic process,

V-10 is a peptide-based material that has been developed through10+ years of research. It consists of a novel sequence of 31 amino acids with several domains serving unique purposes and is known as a multi-domain peptide. This peptide is easily produced by solid phase synthesis,

We want to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) with our novel product. Our device is a pulse-oximetry based rescue garment worn by an infant on the hand. The device monitors heart rate and blood oxygenation.

Two sterile medical devices keep organs warm, moist, protected and bands (not straps, bands prevent cutting into organs) cover and surround large open wound cavities, including evisceration's (EV), by pulling quick release self adhering wound dressing tabs with adjustable locking plates to assure proper fit.

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