Orthotic Leg Brace Non-Compressive Massage Pads

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I am a wheelchair using paraplegic with Spina Bifida, and have worn full-length orthotic leg braces periodically over 45 years. My entry idea is the inclusion of soft fabric vibrating "massage" pads epoxied into the interior of the braces' hard plastic thigh cuffs and shin/foot splints. The pads would be placed such that the upper and lower edges, as well as the ankle areas of the plastic parts would be the focus of the circulation stimulating vibration. These areas tend to be problematic for the formation of decubitus ulcers ("pressure sores") and friction related lacerations on the back of the upper thighs of the brace wearer.
The vibrating pads would be powered by wristwatch cell batteries in a slot in the edge of the pad, and thin wires (think spaghetti noodle thickness) would run from the pads and along the aluminum brace splints on either side of the leg. To prevent battery depletion (watch batteries tend to need replacing after 1 year), a tiny push button, less than 1 inch wide and quarter-inch thick, would be place in the brace's knee hinge when the braces are not being worn. The pads would serve the very same function as the electric inflatable leg splints worn by bedridden patients with compromised circulation in the lower limbs.
The brace massage pads would be standard features on leg orthotics, including artificial legs for amputees, made and sold in brace shops in the country's major medical centers, and would cost approximately $50.00 per massage pad, the knee hinge button switch costing approximately $35.00. These costs would (hopefully) be covered by Medicare Part B (?).


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