ventilated prosthetic socket

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The necessity for constant humidity and temperature inside the amputee prosthetic socket is an actual problem for amputees. Rise in the temperature and humidity increase the chance of ulcerations because of the medium of friction inside the liners. For this reason, a socket capable to control the humidity and the temperature was built. The fan is activated by a programed sensor. The air flow that run between the a composite liner made out of cotton and silicone with channels for air flow is pushed by a fan from the bottom of the socket. The fan works with a 9 volt lithium battery set and is connected to a sensor and a control board.

The "ventilated prosthetic socket" or VPS consist of a ventilation kit, that can be easily attached by any prosthetic laboratory without any special indications , and a composite liner special designed for this purpose.

The design started from the problem of the actual silicone liner that act like a "greenhouse effect" for the stump. Patients complain about the supportability of the silicone liner mostly in the warm. The studies made in the lab shows that the quantity and quality of perspiration inside the liner is one reason for ulceration but the greenhouse effect is the most affecting phenomena that allow the increasing in the temperature inside the liner. The perfect fit between the rigid socket and the silicone liner or any other liner tend to increase the temperature in particular to the bottom of the stump area.

Because the ventilation has to be uniform around the stump and not to be concentrated at the top of the stump a special deflector for the stump is mounted in such a way that the air flow go around the stump and the air is expelled out of the prosthetic socket . The control of the sweat reduce the friction effect between the surfaces. The air convection reduce the increase in temperature and by this the swelling effect of the stump by vasodilation of blood vessels.

The VPS is recommended also for amputees athletes.


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