Universal Alert Assistive Device for Hearing Impaired

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Universal alert assistive device notifies hearing impaired people the house holds of events like the telephone ring, cell phone alert message service, door bell, audio alarm and more; and also provides medical assistance such as pill medication alert. This low power controller based device provides the user worn vibrator cum display unit which displays image icon identification of the incoming event type while at the same time alerts the person with a variable sense of vibration. This design can be considered as an improvement over the existing instruments in the market. The available devices provide limited access to the house hold events and do not provide medical assistance. The proposed universal alert device connects wireless and seamlessly unlimited events with adjustable vibration sensitivity control and operates round the clock. The device can be programmed to provide vibration alert with pill description display to ensure the person takes medicine as prescribed on time. For people thinking about getting a medicine alert system, there are many options wit this device and the number of home-based events can be staggering.

The device has the following functionality: 1. House hold detector monitoring alert controller. 2. Image display to enable identification of incoming event type. 3. Vibration unit with adjustable sensitivity. 4. Programmable pill medication alert to aid in medication adherence. The portable device employs a low power micro controller with encoder, decoder and a graphical display. While 'alert only' device do not have much appeal, adding the unlimited wireless access to the house hold events and medical assistance features through this programmable assistive device will capture a much large market and help many hearing impaired population that are deaf or hard to hearing to efficiently manage with the things going around and live self-sufficiently in the privacy of their own home and meet their medical schedules with much ease.


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    Mansha Fatima
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    I've encountered several people who are hearing-impaired and one among them being my Grandmother. She is a strong lady in every aspect of her body, but the only thing that troubled her the most was her inability to hear properly and manage things around her independently. This was a project that I had developed for Sadhu Vaswani International School's Science Fair.
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