Medical Camera for diagnosis

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Vega camera, a tool for Skin detection

The device helps the detection of anomalies on the skin thru the combination of different filters, illumination and software operations, for analyzing images on the human skin.

Working principle:
The skin, the substances that contains and some organs of the body can be seen (or not) in different degree with light in different wavelengths, we can take advantage of this phenomena to make a better diagnostic of the different conditions that can occurs using the advantages in image processing to measure and qualify the area(s) detected.

In Fig. 1 we can see hair under the lips just after shaving, this “beard” is not visible with the naked eye.

Fig. 2 shows a dark brown eye where the pigment in the iris make clear contrast with the pupil.

Fig. 3 Show veins in the wrist, this are not visible (because dark skin) with the naked eye, a mole and some freckles that exist are not visible.
The samples provided are for illustrative purposes.

The use of the device must follow local regulations on the different regions and/or countries where to be used, and used by a licensed professional.

This device can improve many people lives if used properly, but most important if it’s made available to the medical community for research and clinical trial.

The number of skin conditions is extensive, here the importance of having more tools in the doctor’s arsenal.

Also is important to consider than skin cancer is the most common type of cancer.


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