Conquer Cancer and Hard To Treat Diseases

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The basic concept is that after the potent Chinese medicine physician and/or acupuncturist well balanced a patient's body, body's internal environment does not fit diseases to exist instead of killing the virus, bacteria and cancer cells. The Chinese medicine is a crystal of humanity wisdom in the medical field with 250 million years development.

It's a pure nature herbal product and totally green. However, due to mass production and convenient to apply, it's better to put into bandage form that produce some of not environmental friendly chemical or in paper bags that can be environmentally friendly if cutting and heating die can be made. The size can be vary depends on use with acupuncture or without with acupuncture and the size of the sick site.

The original product is in powder form, mixes with wine to be past and used with acupuncture and moxibution (you can google to lean it).
It was invented originally to treat a cancer migrant patient without appetite with the extremely cold body came in to ask improving his general well beings. Then gradually to expand its applications broadly in my clinic and be used by my acupuncturist friends. All of them got positive feedback.

A terminal stage nasal cancer migrant patient with a bad mood, no appetite and difficulty breathing problem. His brother called in to ask to help his brother feel more comfortable before end of his life. One treatment with the formula, his mood was happy and appetite recovered, breathing better. I only used moving moxibution without herb, his nasal cancer cells pressure on his brain disappeared.

1. It can solve a lot tough cases and made many none treatable diseases become treatable at low cost.
2. In general, the treatment effectiveness is 2 to 6 times compare to without using it.
3. Save cost in herbal inventory, ordering, management, training herbalists, herbal, prescription and preparation and treatment cost, etc.

Application scope: External use.
1. Severe cases such as any kind cancer, kidney dialysis, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, low immunity, low organ functions, any yang deficiency syndrome, etc.
2. Pain caused by cold, tight muscles, tight tendons, etc.
A friend in China did a clinical trial in China for all kind pain, including cancer pain and got all positive results.

All tough cases are yang deficiency due to yang qi controls functions and has hot/warm properties.

All of the cancer and tough to treat disease patients have cold body and lower body functions.

This formula highly promotes yang qi and its flowing. It needs profession to apply it.

It likes spoiled food attracts flies, ants, roaches, etc. In order to expel those flies, etc. to keep a healthy environment, Western medicine matches killers. TCM removes spoiled foods without to do the test and match any killers to the right species. That's the different approach to make TCM treatment does not need lab tests. That's why acupuncture spreads so broadly in the western world.


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