Humanoid telepresence robot

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I propose constructing a humanoid robot originally to allow doctors outside the combat zone to operate on injured personal as soon as possible. Being a binocular, full sized telepresence robot with haptics feedback would allow the surgeons to utilize it with minimal training.

Other uses would fulfill the definition of robot. it could stand in for first responders, medical workers in containment areas, solders, drivers, pilots, astronauts, deep sea divers, nuclear power plant workers.

The use of the self contained piezoelectric pumps inside each hydraulic cylinder and extensive use of fiber optics for vision and sensor feedback actually reduces power consumption. The remainder of the electronics can be reduced to fit in a small, welled shielded, temperature controlled container.

Modifications to move the hydraulic cylinders outside the body forms will produce a power assist suit to help people perform work, or help recovery from injuries.


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    Randolph Garrison
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    I saw a remote surgical demonstration on Beyond 2000 and felt it was very over complicated. Finding the hex pod design would produce a high degree of movement, that if combined with my inexpensive linear encoder and an internal piezoelectric pumps.
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