Gene Alterations by Nanotechnology

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In the present era, we have more diseases than the cure. Each day we find ourselves wrapped in the pool of diseases, awaiting our turn. So, here I am, presenting you a solution.

We are affected by various diseases?
Due to the lack of proper defense/resistance in our bodies, which are mostly inherited or developed by our genes. So, if we were able to alter our gene sequence to our required extent we can theoretically develop a genome resistant even to HIV/AIDS.

--->Usually virus are the vectors for carrying our required gene sequence transplant to host gene, but here we are using a nanobot instead.

A sample of blood is taken which has our desired gene sequence, in to it this nanobots are inserted, which are programmed such that, they absorb the required part of that particular gene. These bots are now inserted in to the host, which then go to specific location of target gene in host, and release the iRNA, which is used to temporarily disable that specific gene which we want to alter. And then these bots alter that part of host genes,that we desire to change, into the ones which we needed to be altered.

These nanobots can be used for gene transplanting and can also be used as secondary scavengers of the body and help the primary scavengers i.e., the W.B.C, in defending the body from foregin pathogens.
Prior to injecting these bots in to the body of host, the host is treated with few stimulants and analgesics like codeine or acetaminophen etc.. for increasing 'physical activities' of host.

What's 'new' in DESIGN:
Instead of virus or any other bio-organism we use a highly developed nanobot, of Spherical shape which has 6 operating spikes on its surface operated by a quantum processor.An inbuilt camera for navigation and recording is arranged. This bot is integrated with iRNA, which is used to deactivate required part of host gene sequence. The spikes perform the rest of the operation of altering.There is a small duct provided to collect the gene from the altered portion.A small inbuilt for carrying stimulants to use, if the scenario 'arise'. We can design particular nanobots for operating specific genetic sequences in a host.

--->The Vectors i.e., Viruses, at times are treated as foregin pathogen and trigger body defense, thus causing trouble, but nanobots rule it out.
--->Can alter any sequence at any point in any part of host body.
--->Flexibility in control.
--->Increasing the target gene location & integrated genome generation.
--->Reduces disruption.
--->Activation time can be increased.
--->Multiple Gene Alterations can be done on a single stretch.
--->These bots can be removed from host and reused.
--->Most of the tumors,non curable diseases, external pathogens can be eradicated from human system.

With this, we reach to a new level in human and medical advancements and can evolve to being the first 'LONG LIVING' homo-sapiens.


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