Urometry Bluetooth Technology

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Urometry Bluetooth Technology

Description: This is a kidney sensor belt to measure urine flow from the kidneys to the bladder. The goal is to determine urine output for hospitalized patients as well as ambulatory patients.

• The non-invasive sensors will be located on a belt and placed just below the kidneys with the ability to sense/measure the amount of urine as it passes from the kidneys to the bladder over a 24 hour period.
• For hospitalized patients, an urometry monitor at the nurse’s station can receive transmitted data about urine flow (amounts) on an hourly or daily basis and staff can document the transmitted data via wireless and record the urine amounts in the EHR.
• Ambulatory patients who are doing home monitoring can transmit the urine flow (amount) to an eWellness Mobile App via Bluetooth, wireless or API capability.


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    David Chin
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    Gwendolyn Johnson - US Air Force
    David Chin - contractor, US Air Force
    Rebecca Elliott - US Air Force
    Soledad Lindo-Moon - contractor, US Air Force
    Lucky Agbator - contractor, US Air Force
    Evan Cooper - contractor, US Air Force
    Yolanda Wright - contractor, US Air Force
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