Copper Shield Our Health (Ancient Knowledge Meets Modern Technology)

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Water is the source and basis of all living things. The contamination of water is a major concern in the developing countries. Traditionally copper vessels have been used to treat and preserve the drinking water for household purposes (INDIA). Because copper contains antimicrobial properties and it can be used in the treatment of water-borne pathogens. Due to development in technology people typically view cheaper plastic containers as the better option. They forget ancient knowledge of using copper vessels. This leads to a lot of health problems since copper not only acts against pathogens but also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with arthritis pains. Copper is also an anti oxidant and prevents cell damage and aging. Apart from this, it is a vital element required in melanin production, works as a brain stimulant, helps in healing wounds faster and maintains digestive health. It work like magic and cure all ailments.


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