Scan Vest

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This is a device built like a vest/jacket that a person can wear. There is one practical use, for those who have gone through a painful MRI procedure or an echocardiogram. It seems that the devices today are poorly designed, they have been built with a monitoring device to listen to the beats of the heart or scan the internal organs, such as the kidney or gall bladder.

Scan vest is a jacket that the patient wears. It has built-in monitors that communicate the internal organ vitals to a monitoring device. The device is built like a jacket so the person can wear it. The jacket is sized with straps so it can fit a large body shape and be fitted for a smaller body shape by being adjusted.

Mostly the device is very safe and effective. The radiologist or technician does not have to rub or push the arm of the device to the ribs or the body.

The device communicates wired or wirelessly to a monitor device (depending on the cost). The vitals of all organs are reported to the technician. The person wears the jacket during the procedure.

The medical industry needs a device that is easy to use by technicians, and safe and practical for patients. Most of the devices today are not built with the patient in mind and are not comfortable.

In the diagrams, I show the current echocardiogram machines with bulky monitor device that has to be shoved under the ribs, vs the jacket that tightly fits and hugs the patient and is wired through sensors to a computer.


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    I hate the current procedures at doctor's offices. It seems the technicians are struggling.
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