Emotions Mobile Detector

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There are many devices on the market for measuring and controlling heart rate, blood pressure, burning calories, etc. All have facilities of the highest technology as Android and Apple, GPS, WiFi, dual connectivity (bluethoot or cable), memory to store personal data, waterproof, visual and audible alarms and more.

So far, all that exist have specific functions either to measure and control the amount of effort and performance of an athlete or amateur extreme sports or to facilitate measuring the blood pressure of a person in need for diagnosis or because he feels bad. All of them are expensive. (118) Daily lives of human is based on emotions and not managing these affects daily life.

Stress, anxiety and extreme effort alter the heart rate and, indirectly, blood pressure. These changes, if left unchecked, can lead to greater evils including a heart attack.

- Job loss
- Loss of a loved one
- heartbreak
- Anger or fight
- accident
- unexpected events (assault, earthquake, hurricane, etc.)
- overexertion

They will alter the heart rate and possibly blood pressure, which can trigger a heart attack or onset of diabetes in the worst case. Up to now, it depends on the person to detect symptoms and, if there is enough time, to go to the doctor or to use a previously prescribed medication at the last moment. If the technology is there, what about integrating all the existing components to develop a device that can help the society to take care on the health early.

Detecting variations in heart rate and blood pressure
- Mobile Device (bracelet, cell phone or Tablet interconnected or not):
- That allows storage of normal biofunctional user data (blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature,
- To detect changes in heart rate or blood pressure against a preloaded pattern personal behavior.
- GPS geo location system
- Detection of variations beyond a preestablished range.
- To issue light and audible alarm user to allow it to carry out actions to control and relaxation.
- Possibility of emiting alarm and GPS location of the user over an uncontrollable gravity case by the same user.


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