Portable Air Conditioned Shelter For Heat Illness Victims Among Construction Workers

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Heat illness is a disease which occurs when the body is excessive in absorbing heat. In 13 cases, a worker died from heat exposure, and in seven cases, two or more employees experienced symptoms of heat illness. Most of the affected employees worked outdoors, and all performed heavy or moderate work, as defined by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Shelter is designed as a portable shelter, which is easily assembled and could temporarily be functioned as a place to help and treat heat illness victims. The shelter is equipped with air conditioner to create comfortable conditioned space. The shelter is also equipped with medical equipment to treat the victims. The equipment is stored in a cabinet.

The shelter is designed for an average male worker in the U.S. About 90% of all men in this population range in height between 1.6155 cm and 1.849 cm. The average American male height is 177 cm, which is 69.7 inches, which is approximately 5 foot – 10 inches tall. The average American male waist back width is 51.6 cm

The shelter is designed with specially formulated materials. The materials having high durability, i.e., the fabric is made of weather-resistant lightweight cotton (80 grams of blended cotton fabric with polyester) with, weights 180 g /m2 , in addition it also has a function as waterproof as well, stronger against the wind, has a definite shape and consistent, anti-fungal and easy to care. Groundsheet is made of PVC coated with polyester. For the overall cooling tent, the polyester weight is 3,536 kg. Shelter poles is designed with strong lightweigth hollow stainless steel materials . For this design, the pole has different weight and length for the specific function . to know the mass and dimension it could be calculate automatically in physical assembly properties feature by Autodesk inventor.

Acclimatization is important for heat illness victims in any condition level. Therefore, a cooling system is used for that purpose. Cooling system selection was based on climate, i.e. temperature and humidity in each local site. Therefore, mechanical cooler is chosen as appropriate cooling system for both sites. Mechanical cooler which is chosen is portable one. The system is fully portable and commercially available. The system controls the temperature of the room at user pace with multiple fan speeds. The amperage and voltage is also complied with local condition which provide 15A of 120V power and available from temporary construction spider boxes.

The design performance itself is simulated with computational fluid dynamics code, FLUENT, to obtain important parameters of thermal comfort. Some assumptions are used to simplified the simulation, e.g. there are not any solar fenestration, the medical devices do not produce any heat, the metabolic rate of victim is 1 met, and the shelter is tightly closed, except for velocity inlet and pressure outlet.


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