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Today, with the actual crisis, all Governments are reducing medical expenses for health assistance treatments. The French Health Department asserts that more than 300,000 people suffer from Polyarthritis, for which only sedatives are prescribed and more than 4.5Mill are Asthma sufferers. For such reasons we have developed a new and innovative device.

To test the market reaction a limited number of professional devices have been built and acquired by Geneva and Lausanne Hospitals, physiotherapeutic Clinics in Switzerland and Spa’s in Grand Hotels in Italy. In all instances the device was extremely well received. It as proved to be very effective in the treatment of:
• Abscesses; Bursitis; Epicondylitis; Fractures; Gout; Hematoma; Inter-auricular effusion; Keloid; Lumbago; Migraine; Neuralgia Osteoarthritis; Phlebitis; Polyarthritis ; Post traumatic oedema; Post operative scarring; Sciatica; Skin ulcers; Sudeck syndrome; Superficial burns; Tendonitis; Wounds.

The Device, called USB-EMC, is working with emission of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs), a well known type of therapy. Over the past decade, the number of publications on these topics have risen exponentially. You can have an idea reading the report in: Or:

The USB-EMC, compared to the others device in the actual market, have the following differences:
• Very high frequency emission and very low field emission as less than 1Mill times a Smartphone,
• Emission with twice pulsation so voiding to worm up the treated area and stimulate a chemical reaction,
• Size small as a USB Key, therefore connectable to Smartphone, Tablet, PC and so usable any time and everywhere as needed. This is a great advantage because if you have a back pain in the office, for instance, you can connect it to your Smartphone and turn it ON while still using your phone,
• Results evident after only 3 to 6min of treatment,
• During treatment, the person will experience absolutely no discomfort; this makes the Device suitable for use by absolutely everyone,
• With a particular plastic Mask, the device rapidly reduce or eliminates wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks without the use of creams. The woman's dream. The annexed photos can give an idea of possible results. To check if the photos had been retouch blow them up and see if the pixels are or not different.

The market is huge as is proved by the results of the TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator) . Between 1970 and 1980 in the USA alone 70 million TENS machines were sold supposing that they were good for pains treatment through Chinese points . The TENS itself is a device used to help muscle stimulation but is not effective to sold broken bones, as my device. I could personally realize how, was efficient when I broke a rib, falling on marble stair. In 5 days, with about 20-25 treatments/day, the pain was gone and after a week the rib was completely mended. To sell the Device, as a pain release device, should not pose any problem thank to his size and rapid results over a pain.


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