Guide to Insulin Administration

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INSUGUIDE is a flexible blade which both locates and records daily dosages of insulin and measures glycemic indices.

USES Insuguide has the navel as the central reference point and an arrow oriented towards the pubic region. Around the navel area we can find a sequence of days of the month organized in circles. This sequence shows when the dose(s) should be administered. It preserves the minimal distance of 1,5 cm between the administrations, respecting the minimal interval between doses on the same site and allowing for the record-keeping of up to 3 daily applications. It also features a display area in which the name of the patient and date can be shown.

ADVANTAGES It enables on-the-spot monitoring of the administration site.

The attached log sheet with arrows directed toward the pubic region allows for an on-the-spot identification of injection sites in cases of self-administration. It can also help detect a possible lack of insulin administration as well as insulin overdose.

In cases in which the patient fails to follow the prescribed treatment due to travel, special events, or forgetfulness, or if the patient is unable to use the blade which corresponds to the month in progress, he/she can use a new blade starting from the current day/month. This will enable the patient to keep track of the injection site on a moment-to-moment basis.

The diabetes records will be retained in only one blade, which should then be kept and brought to a medical unit, where health professionals will be able to track and follow the patient´s progress.


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