To Reduce Radiation Exposure To Human Body From Mobile Devices And Mobile Network Tower

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To reduce radiation explosure to human body from mobile devices and mobile network tower, a wireless hub connecting all devices using mobile networking through wifi and act as medium between device and network tower

Nowadays there are lots of problem caused by mobile network radiation and it cause harm to the human body, so we need a solution for at least reduce radiation exposure to those areas where radiation is restricted like schools, hospital and residential area etc.

We need a medium to receive and sent signals and act as medium between device and network tower while connected to device we call device 'm,'

Our device 'm' will be static and contain external antenna which will be placed on top of the building to connect our device 'm' antenna will receive signal and transmit it to device 'm' through wire and than it will transmit as wifi signal to our devices. We can connect multipal device at a time same concept as wireless router now for reduce radiation exposure we decrease mobile network radiation's intensity and use radiation preventing shields therefore we can decrease radiation where it required and our devices will also not emit those harmful radiation so it will decrease direct contact between human body and radiation.

It will also improve battery life of our devices.

But there would need a large size of primary hub to connect secondary hub to antenna and could cause large size wire system. Also it will require large initial cost, due to limited range of wifi range need to place many device m as per requirement.


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    Sunny Makadia
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    in everyday life watching news about harm caused by radiation of mobile network and resultant effect of it on human body so i think there should a way to decrease it at least to those places like hospital , school residential places etc
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