CertAlert Medication Pendant

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The CertAlert Pendant makes it impossible for the wearer to forget to take their medication! It's also easy to use, attractive, and it's affordable.

The pendant alarms at the time medications are to be taken. The alarm is subtle at first and then builds in intensity if medication are not taken.

What sets this product apart from the others is that the alarm can only be turned off when it is swiped across a sensor. And the sensor is ON THE INSIDE OF THE PILL BOTTLE'S CAP! (or integrated into a pill dispenser)

Very much like a seat belt alarm, it doesn't stop until the wearer takes the correct action.

The pendant and the sensor force a "marriage" at the right time everyday. But for the wearer it's easy! Just a swipe turns off the alarm and their medication is in their hands at the right time everyday.

Another bonus is that the pendants look great, and the wearer can change the color or design whenever they wish.

People of all ages and levels of health can use this simple but powerful tool in the fight against forgetting medications.



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    Douglass Bevel
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    My son lost his transplanted kidney because I did not remind him to take his medication. I made it my life's work to keep other families from experiencing the same tragedy.
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