Needle Removal Pen

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Needle removal pen that will make nurses feel safer and more independent.

The Inspiration-

Solving a problem by creating a new one is not the most effective way to improve a negative situation.
Needles are a highly used tool in so many medical situations. Needles are used to extract liquids from the human body and, also, to inject drugs to patients. These kinds of procedures happen every day, every second all around the world. It does not matter if it is a developing country or a developed one.

And those needles are in the hands of healthcare professionals. Most of them are nurses, and they are the most affected by accidents related to needle pricks. This is because we are human, not machines, the stress that nurses suffer can affect their performance.

There is a cost very complicated to measure: the anguish that a health care professional suffers when she or he endures an accident. They are exposed to serious types of diseases.

Every little new improvement is a big step for nurses and all of healthcare professionals who take care of us.

And maybe a simple, smart, affordable and personal device could be little step with big implications.

The Function-

The proposal is a new tool that enables safer needle removal. The procedure would be:

- In the case of Luer tip syringe, connection with syringe, pull from the needle and the needles drop then to the bottom of the pen.
-In the case of Luer lock tip syringe, connection with the needle, twist, pull from the needle, push it and the needles drop then to the bottom of the pen.

After that, the nurse can manage several needles (the quantity depends on the length of the needle) with security until she or he meet the closer needle sharp container. The nurse can carry the new needle removal pen in her or his pocket. They can feel safe and this feeling will not depend on the budget of the hospital. The healthcare professionals will manage their own destiny.

The new needle removal pen will let the nurses disconnect the needle from the syringe in a safe way. So, we will have two parts (needle and syringe) standalone and smaller than being together, and easy to scrap into the sharp needle container. Then, these containers would be use in a more effective and safer way. And of course, nurses and other health care professionals who manage needles will have one personal, portable and smart device to make them feel safer. Needle removal pen will be manufactured with materials that could be sterilized and recycled. The environment will be safe too.



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