Hygenic Fingernail Cleaner

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Traditional methods of cleaning requires stiff brushing with soap and water.

Often persons scrape underneath the nail with a sharp instrument which may improve appearance but does not have a sanitizing effect.

Motor mechanics and landscapers are exposed to very course soils and greases which are strongly impacted.

Persons affecting artificial nails tend to wear them for extended periods have difficulty cleaning underneath the nails because they have been made opaque by the nail covers and polish used for decoration.

Mechanical scraping may cause the nail covers to pop off.

The illustrated apparatus provides a chamber to enclose a hydraulic method for cleaning the nails with a sanitizing solution without mechanical scraping or brushing.

The user inserts their hand through an opening provided with a water seal. Resting the hand on a suppot bar energizes a pump which supplies sanitizing fluid to a jet nozzle which the user controls with their free hand.

The user can sense the jet spray under their nails by moving their finger or steering the jet nozzle.

The apparatus is not unpleasant to use.

A sleek version could be designed for home use or nail salons while a more rugged design would be appropriate for industrial settings.

A handle could be provided to assist portability.

Similar appliances have been manufactured using injection molding.

Testing was performed using a similar pump and jet nozzle with satisfactory results.

Target markets are retail customers, commercial nail spas, auto dealers and industrial plants.


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