Instrumented Footwear For Real Time Intelligent Gait Abnormal Identification

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Did you experience feet pain after walking for a period? And you just simply accept as you think that is normal?

Here to share you instrumented footwear that enables real-time monitoring and addressing unhealthy walking pattern (abnormal gait) by giving tactile feedback to the user.

It is low cost, light weight and fixed to a variety of typical adult foot size, easy to wear and data can be continuously collected wireless over few hours. Made up of three inertial sensors which positioned at dorsal surface of foot, ankle and heel that linked tactile feedback system that installed in designed footwear. Tactile feedback system is made up of two Eccentric Rotating Mass vibration motor (ERM) , that used to represent foot is in either pronation or supination condition.

Spatial-temporal gait parameter such as stride acceleration which is the interest in clinical assessment was able to examine and evaluate in the spot. Required only simple set up procedure, data recording can be done without interfering with subject’s walking. It is capable of differential normal and abnormal walking gait by giving alert in form of vibration to raise user awareness of unhealthy walking pattern.

Current problem as below:
i) Conducted in heavy indoor condition which restricted by the availability and size of gait laboratory lab.
ii) Long set up time due to complicated system
iii) High cost needed for gait analysis that covers expensive instrumentation , maintenance fees for gait lab and specialized training from rehabilitation specialist

This footwear is aim to providing gait analysis in outdoor/indoor condition that allows real-time analysis, monitoring and notification on abnormal gait pattern. Such a capability make possible to help current approaches such as gait rehabilitation and gait posture control used in rehabilitation centre or hospital. Moreover, it shows a high potential in self-rehabilitation application that able to reduce cost as eliminate consultation fees for therapist or professional and charge needed to access gait laboratory.


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