2D Electronic Toric Marker

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Electronic Toric Marker is a medical instrument used in the case of Glaucoma eye disease, which is primarily observed in millions of sugar patients. Toric Marker head places two small lines/dots across pupil for pre-op/intra-op reference marking for alignment purpose. The two lines should be aligned horizontally (0 and 180 degree plane) very accurately with an alignment error of the order of one degree. 1-Dimensional Toric Marker, which balances the marker dots in two directions left and right, is available in the market. I have designed 2-Dimensional Toric Marker, which balances the marker dots in four directions left, right, front, and back. Electronic Toric Marker reduces alignment error compared to non-electronic Toric Marker.

Each marker head is nearly sharp and marks a very small length horizontal line. For effective and safe marking, each marker head is slightly curved to match the curvature of eye instead of being just straight. The 1D Toric Marker makes sure that the marker heads are not tilted down either in left side or in right side. It does not make sure whether the marker heads are tilted in the front or back. If the marker head is tilted in the front or back, it will not perfectly match the curvature of the eye and neither the marking will be effective due to partial marking nor the eyes are protected due to misalignment of the marker head in vertical direction and hence the entire marker head does not touch the eye. 2D Toric Marker is more effective/perfect in marking as well as safer to eyes compared to 1D Toric Marker.

The design uses 3-axis MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) accelerometer that can give the amount of tilt in all three axes at the degree/sub-degree level. The micro-controller will get this information from accelerometer and audio-visually indicate the tilt (no tilt, slight tilt, more tilt) in left, right, front, back, left-front, left-back, right-front, right-back. According to the amount of tilt, the beep modulation of the micro-buzzer can be varied. SMD LEDs (5 X 5 Matrix) with different colors to indicate different nature and amount of tilts in 2-dimension are chosen. The duty cycle of blinking tone in the micro-buzzer can be adjusted based on the amount of tilt. When there is no tilt in both the dimensions, buzzer beep sound will be stopped. The keys can be used for calibration, audio level adjustment, LED brightness level adjustment, and to have different level sensitivity settings depending on the need. For calibration, the Toric Marker needs to be placed in a perfect horizontal surface.

Both audio and visual confirmation of the correct position to make an accurate toric marking eases the doctor not to divert focus from the patient's eye.

This design improves efficiency, accuracy, prevents eye injury, and helps the alignment done quickly. Miniaturized components are used to reduce size and weight.

The cost of this increased functionality/performance 2D Toric Marker will be one third of the cost of commercially available 1D Toric Marker.


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