Aid to Assist Parkinson Disease Sufferers

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In an attempt to understand the cause, and find a solution for Parkinson disease, I thought about some similarities on a problem that I was having with an old computer. I had upgraded some programs, but had not renewed the hardware, and when I went to open a new high definition picture, the computer would try to open the file, but would struggle and vibrate, and then lock up. The only way to overcome this problem was to turn off the computer, by turning off the power switch. On researching the computer problem, one of the suggestions was to lower the resolution setting on the computer.’ Mr Ettridge added. This solution worked, and the computer worked normally. I realized that this may be a solution for early stage Parkinson disease sufferers, the same as eye glasses assist with vision impairment, they are not a cure for blindness, this invention could assist early stage Parkinson sufferers, but is not a cure for Parkinson disease.

The problem was that the eyes were simply sending too much information to the part of the brain effected by Parkinson disease. The solution was to lower the amount of information the eyes could send to the brain, in other words to lower the resolution. By applying rows of prisms or filters to the lens of ordinary goggles or glasses, that will return the light in the direction it came from, and because the light exits and enters the glass only at normal incidence, the prism is not dispersive. There are gaps in between these rows of prisms that let the light through to the eye. The prisms would by micro size, and cause the eye to adjust, and not see those individual rows of prisms. This effectively reduces the amount of information that the eye can receive and pass on to the brain. There would be a suitable reflective coating to refract the light hitting the prism, while allowing the light to pass through the area between the prisms. It would also be necessary to wear the glasses for almost all the sufferer’s waking hours, to prevent the tremors and shakes from returning.


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