Using HPG to Treat Burns

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The main goal of our invention was to heal burns more effectively than those treatment in the market. It has many potential benefits; first it reduces the healing duration compared to famous treatments, and it has no side effects being made from 100% natural materials, and it leaves no scars, and it has a huge Anastasia effect on the burned area.

Our idea is novel because the remedy we invented is composed of a mixture of natural materials that were never used together before for treating burns, and it’s better than other one’s in the market in cost wise; as it’s 34% cheaper, and efficiency wise; because it heals the wound faster and doesn't cause infections and absorbs heat from the burned area, and all of the components are easily obtained.

What’s special about our idea that it’s supervised by specialized doctor and technicians in an authorized center (JOVAC ) which is Jordan bio industries center; where we tested the remedy on rabbits and we also applied famous burn treatment in the middle east (MEBO) and in the west (silver sulfadiazine) on the rabbit. also we got the Animal use Committee number to conduct the experiment, also we documented everything in a scientific research, containing the methods, results and conclusion.
This idea could be applied both locally and regionally and internationally.

Our remedy has to be put on the burned area 3 times a day, while leaving the area exposed to allow full healing, and we’re studying the potential of putting the remedy in a medical bandage to be applied directly on the wound reducing pain, and saving time.

This remedy is simply made by mixing the components together in a sterile environment following specific concentration for each component. Our product is better in cost wise because first of all the components are much cheaper than other creams in the market; as it’s cheaper by 38% from silver sulfadiazine, and it’s 34% cheaper from MEBO. Another thing is that our treatment doesn't require a lot of high technology or a big factory to manufacture it, so the cost of making it is much less.

In conclusion our product combines both efficiency and suitable price, and saves the clients time as well, and improves the over all health of human beings so that they can get back to their life faster, and reduces use of chemicals which has many side effects, and studies have proven that people prefer natural treatment over chemical one’s.

Our product has huge approval in the community, in proof we have many people volunteered to use it and it was effective not only in burns, but also in sun burns and in removing old scars, and this is an indication that our market potential can be expanded in the future.


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    Tishreen Sultan
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    Tishreen Sultan Al Fazza
    Hana' Hussien Al Loozy
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    me and my colleague were inspired by the spread of burns around the globe , and how much it costs people each year to treat them , since the WHO estimates around 200 000 deaths every year are caused by burns, and the majority occur in low-income countries. Moreover, the direct care cost for those who suffer burns in USA exceeded 200 million $ in 2000 . so we were inspired to improve the over all healing of burns , and reduce death rate caused by burns .
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