Solar Powered Dental Flosser

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All of the major causes of death and debilitating conditions, including which heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, premature birth and more have been linked to oral health and more specifically gum disease (inflammation and gingivitis).

Recognition of the importance of oral health by the military and others working in remote areas is proved by the development of solar powered portable dental treatment equipment. Such equipment, however, does not include solar powered flossers.

To prevent, control and combat those diseases, health care professionals recommend regular brushing of the teeth, use of mouth washes and flossing. The last of these is the only proven method of prevention and control of gum disease (besides curative surgeries).

Recognizing the above, manufacturers of toothbrushes have developed not only every more effective manual toothbrushes, but also, portable andstationary electric, battery operated andsolar toothbrushes.

Salt water, hydrogen peroxide and commercial mouth washes are also readily available.

To date, however, only manual, electric nad battery operated dental flossers are available on the market. Use of manual dental floss can be effective if available, used regularly and if the user is able to reach all areas of his or her mouth. The same is true for electric and battery operated flossers which may or may not be readily available or usable in remote, rural or undeveloped areas where sources of power or replacement batteries are not available. Moreover, where sources of power are limited or power is expensive can deter use of electric flossers. Bateries present problems of availability and environmental pollution upon disposal (especially in remote and rural areas). In all evironments and areas, however, solar powered flossers which overcome the impediments attendant to the other forms of floss, are safe (since solar in the handle presents no danger of shock to the user), are designed to reach all portions of the mouth and are far more economical to use and can be sold with yearly supplies of replacement tips (sized to users' mouths) are the one product needed to successfully prevent and combat inflammation and gum disease and insure oral and thus improve general health,.


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