Doctor Robo

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'Doctor Robo' is an innovative concept wherein an intelligent sensors based device is being developed. This device will act like an extension of doctor's diagnosis tools. The device can also sit with a doctor to assist in recording diagnosis data, recording bio-metrics of the patient and comparing the progress with medication from visit to visit.

With such a device the doctor will be able to attend the patients better, and will also be able to connect to a remotely located 'Doctor Robo' device and offer medical support to communities where little of such facilities are available.

'Doctor Robo' will be a synthesis of diverse sensing and communication technologies with the addition of robust design to last in extreme conditions and is being designed to run on low power so that its full advantage can be derived in remote locations with little resources too.

The device will have wireless networking features allowing patient data availability locally as well as on the cloud.

When a patient enters a doctor's office and announces name or accesses a 'Doctor Robo' device where there is no doctor, the patient's identity and past data will be combined to create an ongoing case history.


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    Rajeev Dubey
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    When I see a huge population still not able to access timely diagnosis I feel a deep urge to contribute to this field because I believe that early diagnosis can enable a large number of people remain healthy and receive timely and cost effective medical support.
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    NI LabVIEW, SolidWorks
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