Portable Wireless Medical Monitoring System for Triage Units, Military Environments, and Developing Nations

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This medical monitoring system sets up in less than ten minutes and can monitor any number of patients limited only by the space available in a make-shift hospital, tent, or area within 1000 feet of the monitoring station.. Each patient is fitted with a bracelet/watch monitor with GSR and temperature sensors developed by Exmovere Medical Systems. Employing specially developed algorithms that translate the sensory data into usable information such as ECG, Mood, Heart Rate, temperature, skin moisture, and more parameters over time, the data is transmitted to receiver modules that correspond to each individual's wrist band sensory device. (Exmovere and I demonstrated this in 2006 at the Washington DC Smart Fabric Conference using E-Textile apparel I designed instead of dedicated modules as described here). Vital signs are monitored by visual indicator modules the size of a cigarette pack that display warning signs via colors for each type of bio-Physical condition. For example, if the module turns blue, that could indicate impending respiratory failure; red may indicate too high or too low of a heart rate, while green may show dehydration setting in, etc. The modules display white when patients fall within normal limits.

The wireless modules work on WIFI for up to several 100 meters from the patients location so one person can monitor dozens of patients simultaneously in an emergency area where patients are scattered everywhere. Each module has an area for names to be written and matched accordingly to the wristwatch worn by the individual. Patients are free to move around while the watch continues to monitor vital signs unlike today's tech requiring patients to be hooked up to wires and connectors limiting the number of available monitors to rooms. This tech could be carried in a small suitcase to service over 100 patients.

I am presently applying this invention to other products and in particular E-Textile applications.


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