Electronic Narrator For Visually Impaired

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A visually impaired person is able to employ himself in many public and private sectors. They use computer, mobile phone with a screen reader software, but couldn’t succeed reading papers like News Papers, letters, books and Documents etc. Printing these papers in Braille isn’t a good solution as each paper is highly priced. This solution aims to empower the visually impaired person to read any kind of paper.

A printed paper is scanned through a Handheld Portable Scanner and the image is
converted to a text file by Tesseract OCR Engine, which is converted into speech by
using eSpeak Text-to-speech module loaded in the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is
coded in Python Programming language to interface scanner output, OCR Engine and
the TTS modules.

To employ and empower visually impaired person by reading the papers like
Newspapers, Demand Drafts, Documents etc. Here the person will have to scan the
required document and hear the instructions and act accordingly. In this way visually
impaired person can work as efficiently as a normal person. This solution aims towards
the accessibility, employbility, portability for a Visually Impaired person.


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    Jayshree Das
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    K.Shiva chandra shaker
    P.G.Vishnu vardhan
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    For employbility of the disabled.
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    Python programming
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