Means To Remove Blood Stream Deposits From A Body

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Patent 8,926,541, which can be Googled. or viewed on the USPTO Web Site, describes a means of removing plaque, cholesterol, calcium,, and blood clots from the cardiovascular system using "Charged Particle Migration," first observed in 1810, and first applied as a medical procedure with this invention.

This is accomplished by an electrical charge being placed on the body tissue, and an opposite electrical charge being placed on the blood flow which takes the foreign particle buildup into free suspension, where it is subsequently eliminated from the blood stream by filtering.

This allows doctors to practice preemptive medicine and reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attacks and strokes in seemingly healthy people.

This procedure may also be helpful in removing the sticky plaque building in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's patents, which some scientists now believe destroys neurons resulting in memory loss.

Inherent in this procedure is the means to annihilate blood borne pathogens.

Antibiotics destroy bacteria by puncturing their membranes.

This procedure punctures the membranes of bacteria with a stream of electrons, which some may call annihilation by electrocution.

Electrons are indiscriminate, and will kill ANY targeted pathogen, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, individually, or collectively, simultaneously.

This is something antibiotics cannot do.

Pathogens cannot mutate as a defense mechanism against electrocution.

One-hundred thousand people a year die in hospitals from super staph infections, resistant to antibiotics, and one-million people die worldwide from the effects of Malaria.

The attached graphic shows a heart with a shunt placed in the blood stream to induce the electrical charges necessary to perform the procedure.

The issued patent 8,926,541, shows the complete process.

This invention will save millions of lives.

Gary Sandstedt


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