Nono-robots To Cure Illness At Cellular Level

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Nano-robots is an innovative concepts about development of nano-scale size of automated machines. These machines will be able to enter the cells and sense the molecular environment within the cells with the help of equipped sensors. These robots will also be capable of either killing of cells if the abnormality in the cells is irreparable or they can change the gene expression or protein stability in order to cure the cells of their abnormalities.

These nano-robots could be programmed to detect a certain type of illness for example. tumor cells could be detected using molecular signature of cancer cells (high rate of proliferation, expression of certain cell markers) and eradicate those cells. I addition, they could also be used to clear the blockage in artery to prevent heart-attack.

The key to the development of such robots is to create extremely sensitive sensors that can detect abnormalities at cellular level. I hope in future such a nano-robot come in existence. It will be a great boon for the humankind to fight against variety of diseases that prevail in the world today.


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    Vijayendra Agrawal
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