Fastest Ambulance In The World

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Car cum aircraft cum hovercraft transportation system & Overpass transportation system, or fastest ambulance in the world.

Design Statement

Car cum Aircraft cum Skater cum Hovercraft (Vehicle drives like as a car, aircraft, skater, hovercraft).

Vehicle looks like as a car, has wings on both sides (improvements in wing technology can be done with modern techniques), and engines (renewable energy resource) mounted on wings that drives thrusters or propellers as in hovercraft.

Two small wheels mounted in a line under the base of vehicle (like front landing gears of aircraft, may be live or dead drive, as per need). On the other hand, two additional wheels attached with left and right side of vehicle with the help of long height and rotation (about side wheels central axis) adjustable arms or columns, have hydraulic or pneumatic etc. suspension).

In starting stage, the vehicle is stationary (all wheels touches with the ground surface, opening length of side wheels arms may be minimum to maximum as per requirement) and now engine starts the thrusters or propellers that provides thrust to vehicle.

(If vehicle is running on track, downward lift force and gravity force component can be used to improve the net thrust, as discussed in previous paper).
As vehicle moves forward, it can hover in air with the help of adjustable lift force.

Because vehicle can rotate about the central axis of side wheels, so vehicle can purely hover up & down, rotate as well as moving ahead in same time and even can leave the surface or can fly in air.

Brake application and live or dead drive are also options in side wheels, as vehicle can move ahead with the help of live driven side wheels or with the help of thrusters.
Hovering function of vehicle can easily overcome the problem of obstructions in the path of travel (like traffic, small size vehicles, holes, etc.).

Direction control of vehicle can be done with the help of steering the wheels or by steering the whole system with help of thrust engines, elevators etc.
To minimize overall width, folding wings can be use. (Assumed that side wheels are heavy, so that vehicle can rotate about central axis of these wheels).
For Overpass transportation system, Sensors installed in tires of vehicle.

The purpose of these sensors to find ahead obstructions in path of travel and provide alert to the control system, which in turn produce commands to solve the problem (an example, overpass the obstruction without stop). Sensors can be imagined as for library doors (side by side) or entry doors etc. So, vehicle is more reliable and have more speed and efficient.

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