Cleanopy: Air Purifier For Children

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More than 200 million children in China and 37 million children in North America live in an environment with unhealthy air. Even moderate air pollution is attributed to reduced lung capacity in 1 out of 6 children and 10% increased chances of hospitalization. Children are highly vulnerable because of their developing immune systems, higher breathing rate, and exposure to higher concentration of vehicle exhaust due to low elevation from the ground.

The current methods for reducing air pollution health impacts are ineffective and crude. Air purifiers are large and designed for indoors use. Face masks are inconvenient for children and stroller covers protect only in strollers and don’t protect against gas pollutants.

Cleanopy is a mobile air purifier for young children for use in baby cribs and strollers, and provides comprehensive protection against airborne pollutants (particulate matter, NOx, CO and organic compounds). Cleanopy has three major components: clean air generating system (CAG), clean air distribution system (CAD) and clean air control system (CAC). CAG system, comprising of air filter pack and fan, reliably generates clean air. CAD system is connected to CAG system and is used for conducting and directing the air flow. Cleanopy has a proprietary air curtain technology which forms a virtual canopy to keep pure air in and polluted air out. CAC system consists of a combination of sensors for monitoring air before and after filtration and notifying the user when filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. In addition, the sensors form a feedback loop along with the processor regulating air flow and providing smart adaptive filtration. Energy for Cleanopy is provided by rechargeable batteries and can be harvested from the solar panels and rotation of stroller wheels.


We use standard manufacturing techniques like injection molding, adapted for biodegradable PLA. Electronics are manufactured using standard lead-free SMT process. Activated carbon filters are produced in-house using activated charcoal pellets packaged in a proprietary form factor. HEPA filters are procured from reputed suppliers. Integration of all the components is done in-house. Our design reduces throwaway materials as a lot of the components can be reused in a different form factor as the child grows up.


Cleanopy is at the intersection of baby care industry ($2B in North America) and air purification industry ($1B in North America).

Our market research indicates that there is a demand for better air pollution protection for children and our customer interviews indicate specific needs, which we are addressing in product design.

Cleanopy solves our customer’s problem because it’s: 1) continuous, 2) convenient, 3) reliable and 4) complete. It offers continuous protection from air pollution no matter where the child is. Its unobtrusive and child-friendly form factor is convenient for parents and children alike. Pollution sensor systems ensure it’s reliable at keeping polluted air out and clean air in, while proprietary filtration system and air curtain ensure complete protection against all the major pollutants. Cleanopy stands for on-the-go clean air, comprehensive protection and a peace of mind.



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