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The light uses a revolutionary new solar collector design to concentrate sunlight from outside and then channels it into a home through the wall. The sunlight from outside is effectively directed into the house and then directed to either the roof, wall or workstation. This is ideal for using natural light to light up dark corners in a house without making a hole in the roof that could leak and which is also very expensive to install. The collectors unique design absorbs light from many angles without tracking the sun, so there are no moving parts that could break. It is a simple system that just needs to be cleaned to work optimally.

The solar collector is basically a clear rod with grooves cut in the bottom that are made reflective. The cylindrical shape of the rod concentrated the sunlight onto the grooves that directs the light up the rod into the house. The light inside is pointed with a reflector that can rotate to shine the light in any direction. The reflector inside is a disk with a pattern cut through so that when the light falls on the disk the pattern on the backside glows.

The light could further be enhanced by adding a solar panel with batteries and LEDs so that the light can be used in the night as well.

The light requires that a small hole is drilled through the wall for a permanent installation. The hole should be drilled at a downward angle to the outside to collect sunlight more efficiently and since water cannot flow upstream the installation will not leak!

Apart from being a light source for domestic applications the concentrator design could be up-scaled to concentrate sunlight for solar panels, solar cooking, water heating. All done without adjusting the concentrator during the day.

The concentrator allows for the use of various materials from glass to plastic.

By simplifying the concentration of sunlight rural homes can be transformed from darkness to functional spaces.


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