Sustainable Technologies

I started this project by selecting a common environment for restricting the "sustainability" theme, and be able to focus the home wasting issue.

So then I've done long research in food over-wasting issue in home, and I analyzed this problem in four categories, which were "sale," "conservation," "preparation," and "consumption."
These four categories were chosen because they represent a part of the food life cycle in which people are closely related to. What this research has pulled out is a key aspect that is common to all four analyzed points:

Because of this question, I chose the fridge for its status of most used system for food conservation that is electrically powered ...

For over 35 years I have proposed the following "Free Lunch" solution to Climate Change and global warming to US and international "Movers and Shakers" without obtaining any responses or rebuttals. This approach involves building a solar power station on the moon and beaming 20 trillion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to earth 24/7, using the proven technology of microwave power beaming, which passes through cloud cover. This is fully described in my website: http://www.freelunchclimatechangesolution.com DETAIL DESCRIPTION.

This can be achieved with no increase in US taxes, increases in unemployment, or changes in life styles because it can be funded by simply diverting already allocated funds for weapon systems useless in the "War on Terror" to this project.. ...

GrowLife Aquaponics (GLA) is striving to educate and enable consumers to re-imagine simple, organic, healthy food production at home. The GLA Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System is not just a sustainable means of food production, but a regenerative one.


Rising food prices (especially meat/organics), complications from processed foods (obesity/allergies), and questionable industry practices are problems faced by every consumer. Why aren't more people beginning to offset these compounding issues by producing their own safe and nutrient packed foods at home?

Well, besides simply a lack of time and basic knowledge in how to do so, it's hard work!

This system takes the majority of the time/energy out of gardening to solve these problems with simple, yet non-obvious, automated ...

Of the trillion dollars that we lose each year in wasted energy, as an architect I miss the following product as roofs are primary heat and cooling loss in our country:

Sandwich panel of R=80 with solar PV as integral part of surface.

Sandwich made of nailable rigid panel on top equal to 5/8" plywood, two layers of foil 3/8" apart under, foil faced poly iso layer of R=60 and with foil underlayer at the bottom for vapor barrier and attached to eq of 1/2" plywood.

The odds and ends pieces that are common in each job would be solid ISO with foil on each and every side for vapor control, sides field applied.

The goal would be to ...

The major challenge in integrating wind energy into the electrical grid is that the resource is intermittent and unpredictable so that energy is always available. With an energy storage system integrated with a wind turbine, surplus energy can be stored and then regenerated when demand is higher.

In the proposed Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system (graphics 1) energy is stored prior to electricity generation, eliminating the need and losses associated with generating electricity twice. This also allows the electrical generator and transmission lines to be downsized for mean power instead of peak power. This can be a significant cost-saving for off-shore installations as their capacities are currently under-utilized by over 50%. Further savings comes from replacing a failure ...

The success of an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) installation off the west coast of Scotland suggested a compounded system as in the following outline.

Wave pumping of air in an OWC through Wells Turbines has an expensive control set up which can be inexpensively simplified by using a single Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) in place of the two turbine Wells system within the ducting.

Enhancing the flow through characteristics of the VAWT by using bifurcated ducting and valves provides from, both air flow directions, a maximum output from the turbine which leads to an increase in power output and system efficiency.

In conjunction with the OWC system a twin contra rotating paired VAWT installation atop of a monolithic ...

What if solar electricity was cheaper than fossil fuel power? How would that drive our economy and stabilize geo-political tensions? How would the climate change for the better? How would access to basic lighting help to reduce poverty on a global scale?

I am proposing a new concept that can lead to solar panels with greater than 20% efficiency and costs less than $0.50/Watt leading to electricity costs of less than $0.06/kWh.

Existing thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) technologies are commercially available (about 10% of global market share) and have the distinct advantages of high-throughput deposition methods and material flexibility. Although TFPV laboratory devices based on various materials have recently achieved greater than 20% efficiency, further advancements are required to tighten ...

A new revolutionary patent pending solar technology that increases the power of a solar panel by as much as 200 times, while simultaneously storing the energy in the form of hydrogen for later use, has been invented and developed.

An electron has both wavelike and particle properties. This new technology uses both properties of the electron to generate coherent electromagnetic radiation tuned to water vapor and electrical power at the same time. The water vapor may come from any source, including rain, sea or waste. The eRET generates electrons at very high potential so that very high power is produced with minimal electron energy input. Genesys,LLC has a working prototype routinely producing 10 kilowatts from two 100 watt solar ...

Cyanobacteria have the ability to convert CO2 into bio-products, and also have a high photosynthetic efficiency (3 to 9%) compared to that of higher plants (?0.25 to 3%), and because they're amenable to genetic engineering, they were used in the last couple of years in direct bio-fuel production by photosynthesis studies; so I decided to investigate the use of cyanobacteria in photobioreactors to convert the CO2 into bio-fuel, to be used for both large and small scales.

Using homemade equipment I made a small photobioreactor that could be used as a car filter, where all the conditions were optimum for the cyanobacteria to grow and photosynthesize normally. I used the wild-type Synechococcus sp.7942 strain (to represent the mutated strain) ...

This novel electricity generator is capable of supplying all our power requirements, thus solving one of the earth's critical needs.

This electricity generator functions using known electromagnetic principles that simply have not been applied previously. They do not function in the manner of all current-art electricity generators, which move wires through a magnetic field to generate electricity, and require an external source of energy to power that movement. Whereas the velocity of that physical movement in current-art generators is inherently limited and subject to other restrictions, there is no practical limit to the frequency of the inducing current (and therefore the output) of the herein-described electricity generator.

All generator variants are modular and scalable: even the largest generators would ...

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