Puri Pods

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Puri pods basically stands for purification pods as these machines purify water and also are capsule or pod like shaped. These machines float on the surface of water due to the air filled cavities present in them and suck water in using a vacuum pump powered by the solar panel.
Note: that the vacuum pump does not suck water at a high rate, it sucks it at such a rate that the water entering does not disturbs the aquatic life’s equilibrium.

Hence, as we move forward the vacuum pump sucks water into the Puri pod and causes the water to pass through several purification chambers.

Note: These purification chambers are determined by the nature of stagnant water bodies i.e. the minimum and the maximum size of garbage content that can be found there.

Due to passing of the water through these chambers the water gets purified and hence, we get clean water. The impurities that are found in the water are stored in the garbage chamber which is connected to a vacuum pump that pumps out the garbage of the stagnant water body. This garbage is further properly treated in a plant.

In this project the main power consumers are the two vacuum pumps that are used to suck water in and suck garbage out. Moreover, the power consumption of these would not exceed the power generated by the solar panel placed at the top of the Puri pods but there would be production of extra energy that can be harvested from these machines if we use a properly insulated water proof cable.

Construction (Actual model)

The Puri pod consist of mainly these parts:
1) Solar panel (for production of energy)
2) 2 Vacuum Pumps (One for sucking water in and other to suck garbage out)
3) Purification Unit (consisting of purification mechanism of suitable kind)
4) 4 inlet and 4 outlet water sockets
5) Garbage containment unit (connected to the vacuum pump
solar panels. The rest of the working would be same as that of a vacuum cleaner.

Uniqueness of this project

Uniqueness of this project is that this project purifies water in the lakes only and prevents certain problems like diseases, false smell etc. In the present days the water is generally purified in the process of giving it to the consumer and getting the water out of the lake. However, stagnant water bodies are not purified and if they are to be purified it required a lot of money, man power and time.

Moreover, generally in harvesting the sunlight we require plain lands with absolutely no trees. Hence making solar panel available to harvest the solar energy in large scale in not possible however this can be done in case of lakes using these Puri pods.

Note: If there is existence of aquatic life in that region then there would be use of specific number of Puri pods in a single stagnant water body source depending upon the size of the stagnant water body source.


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