power station under the water

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The problem of electricity from the problems that plague society and the Company for Electricity has estimated electricity deficit of 4,000 mega in Egypt also it incur a $ 3.3 billion due to the external costs of power plants, so the best solution to that problem is a renewable energy conditional with high economic returns so the basis of research to find a renewable energy in a low cost with high economic returns . A research generates energy from the water pressure in the depth of the Mediterranean sea estimated at 32145.4 MW and this is enough to fill Egypt deficit of electricity and even left our 28145.4 Mega If we use of them 14666.64 Mega, we can reclaim 20 900 acres and left 13478.76 MW can prefacing the outside and for the time required for filling one room with water In the project assuming that the amount of water streaming per second = 2,000 cubic meters permission the room will full with water after .4 seconds and I am conducting an experiment to calculate the time and in the experiment was the first independent variable area of the holes And in the second experiment I am repeating the experiment with changing the independent variable of the area of the holes to Pressure to calculate it is the impact on the time of fulling the room with water Where is the time is the dependent variable and the result was that the room will full with water after 4. Seconds no problem with it Where they will discharge water into side rooms and then the water will be pumped out via pumps and usefulness of the project fill the electricity deficit in Egypt and reclamation 20 900 acres per year and export 13478.76 Mega without affecting the health or climate And can be implemented in Egypt States and United States, Japan, Australia, Oman, Yemen .


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