Water-based Fuel Gas Generator

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Alternative Fuel Gas there now is not simple, requiring infrastructure and huge costs.
Therefore I made the Gas Generator-based portable water.
Where the gas is produced directly on the device and can be taken anywhere.
So it can be used in places where there is no gas supply.
It can meet the energy needs for cooking and appliances that use gas fuel as an energy source.

This gas generator to produce gas using raw materials:
80% - Water
20% - Catalyst

Catalysts : chemicals are readily available in the chemical store.
Aluminium : Waste of aluminum cans, aluminum scraps

Water + Catalyst + Aluminum, inserted into the reactor tube.
Inside the reactor tube chemical reaction that produces gas,
Then the gas is passed into the reservoir tube.
Reservoir tubes equipped with: limiting pressure, gas regulator and pressure gauge.
From the reservoir tubes supplied to the gas valve can be on/off who eventually channeled to the nozzle.

The amount of raw materials used adapted to the capacity of reservoir tube.
When the gas produced from the reactor tube exceeds the capacity of the reservoir tube pressure boundary work and will release the gas out.
This will prevent an explosion on the tube.

Gas coming out of the barrier will be upward pressure air, because its density is lighter than air so it does not collect under the air and if there is a spark will not ignite.
As with the specific gravity of LPG is heavier than air.

This gas generator simple and portable shape.
To be produced manually or fabrication.
Manually anyone can produce it with the instructions given.

Water and catalyst packed into one in the bottle with the formulation, so users simply enter the liquid catalyst into the reactor tube, do not need to do a composition formula.

With a design that is drawn:
• A gas generator unit, an estimated $ 30.00
• Use of raw materials:
to produce gas for one hour to cook on a gas stove estimated $ 0.50

This gas generator is intended for the use of alternative energy sources:
• Gas household
• Power Portable
• outboard engine boat
• Motorcycle

Users only:
• One-time purchase Gas Plant
• The liquid catalyst packed in bottles purchased repeated if there is fluid in
the tube reactor is reduced to be added.

This gas generator has been tested and can be viewed video:




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