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After helping to make the World a safer place with the 'Life Safety' ASPCA standard for power and communications, I now introduce the mechanism for Distributed Power Processing which will revolutionize power/energy distribution around the World. Solar has come of Age. Todays massive increases in PV efficiency combined with the lower cost, combined with Solar Trackers increasing output by 20-30% this has brought Solar Energy of Age now. Why build solar solutions only designed to dent your power bill? Why add to your home safety by putting low efficiency fixed PV panels to your roof? US Fire Marshall has found and decided that Class B&C type installations should be illegal and unsafe. Why toss your past investment out?

Today take your fixed panels off the roof and mount them on a Class A Rated 10 Panel PV Tripod Mount Roof Top Tracker which makes you safer form fire hazards and safety worries but also boosts your output by 20+ %. Don't have enough panels, then add 330+ Watt/hr panels to boost your output to 3.2KW/hr or more. Do this to all homes, now all residential could be exporters to the GRID. Now take the flat roof of your Business that may even have Demand Meter Billings approaching 20-30% of our monthly bills, and install multiple 3.2KW Tripod Roof Top Trackers and you have the Power Utility giving you a cheque each month instead of you paying them, and no Demand Billings anymore. Take Multiple Commercial Buildings and Multiple Residential Buildings and have them all generating back into the GRID and you have Distributed Power Processing or a Complete Reversal of the current power distribution system.

This is a GREEN future that can start today. Combine all this with High Density Batteries for home or office and revolutionary Flow Battery technology for Commercial and Industrial and you have power 24 Hours a day 365 Days a Year for 25 Years or more into the Future. This is how I and EarthStar Energy sees Green Energy for the Future with Distributed Power Processing being the method behind this revolutionary change.

Soon our solutions will be available in kit form in all Big Box stores.

Calvin H. Woosnam, CEO/CTO
EarthStar Energy Corporation,


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    I feel this Distributed Power Process formulae will be accepted World Wide and spark a new effort to making and keeping this Planet Green. My last effort made items we trust in working, all that much safer for our moment of need.