Innovative Airborne Wind Turbine Using Low cost Kite

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Over 65% of the electrical energy used today is generated by burning fossil fuels, such coal, natural gas or petroleum.
However, due to stricter regulations concerning carbon dioxide emissions and higher costs of hydrocarbon fuel sources, electrical energy generation from renewable will likely replace traditional fossil-fuel-based technologies.
Unfortunately, wind turbines require heavy towers, foundations, and large blades, which require substantial capital investments

Airborne wind turbines, which utilize flying kites, provide an exciting alternative to traditional wind turbines and could prove to be more cost effective they can be deployed at higher altitude were winds are stronger and more predictable and typically such kites do not require such large infrastructure.

Drawbacks of Traditional wind turbine:
It works only at the time wind available, unreliable source energy.
Dangerous for birds.
Noise and Electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic waves disturb Tv and radio signal.


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