Green Smart Mass Transit

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SMT Rail (Smart Mass Transit Rail ) in the world's first Multi-Functional Infrastructure invention, using Nano Mono pole magnets and solar energy to create a reverse levitation and zero energy propulsion system.

The system been describe on website ( in a form of short video.

SMT Rail is design to be construed with 70% nano tubes created from recycled material.

The major function of the system are:
- Smart & on demand Urban Elevated Transit to reduce traffics by 50%
- Smart High Speed rail
- Using new generation on Nano solar paint make the hole structure a giant solar farm within a urban seating or miles of solar collecting generators and transmission lines without needs for lands or major right of way.
- the structure acts as a huge WiFi transmitter that allows rural area to get connected to worldwide web at very low costs.
- SMT Rail will generate Mega Watt of power / mile , each tower can act as charging station for EV cars
- SMT Rail is design to be install in any location to save the Environment, Elevated system will eliminate surface level accidents and will safe million on wildlife.
- This near zero energy invention with an unlimited range can be install in any location without building other infrastructure ( example : High speed rails needs new power plant every few hundred miles)


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