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Bonded Energy Solutions (BES) has developed a modular system that provides individual room radiator control for steam heating systems, enabling users to set temperatures for each room independently through the Internet.  The BES system is designed to address current problems of poor heat distribution, overheating, underheating, and wasted fuel associated with conventional one and two pipe steam heating, evident in many urban multi-unit steam heated buildings.  Radiator heat output is modulated based on setpoint and building dynamics.  Through the creation of zones, steam is only delivered where it is needed reducing fuel usage and improving regional air quality.  In addition, BES provides a cloud-based Building Management System (BMS) with energy usage reports and system component predictive failure alerts.  Future variations of the Steam Tech system can be applied to control and report on other fluid delivery systems.

To date, the only solutions have been limited to multi-point temperature sensing and local radiator control. We believe that Bonded Energy Solutions has developed a unique product, designed to both easily create zones in a steam-heated building and allow radiator output modulation. The Bonded Steam Tech solution not only provides zoning down to the radiator level, but also adjusts the radiator’s heat output to match the building’s requirements. Bonded’s unique technology will result in reduced steam requirements that translate into fuel savings and a cleaner environment. The Bonded system is modular & legacy equipment compatible.

Steam Tech is part of the commercial Internet of Things.  It fills a market niche that has been overlooked.  Major competitors have focused on the standard energy delivery systems such as water and air but have neglected steam.  Products like Nest have changed the standard thermostat.  Steam Tech is a system based solution with modular components that can be used with other heat delivery systems.  Steam Tech is fully compatible with other competing technologies and does not require replacement of other building systems or controls.  Steam Tech provides steam where it is required in a building and adjusts the volume of steam as needed.  By reducing the volume of piping that requires steam, the number of units calling for steam, and the number of open apartment windows, the carbon footprint of steam heated buildings is reduced.



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    Saving energy with steam represents a large portion of commercial buildings that have been overlooked. Helping reduce energy usage, and reducing carbon fuel usage just makes sense.
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