Symbiosis, Print and Build Housing System

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This proposal wants to provide a sustainable building system with the following:

-Components to be manufactured by 3D printing process with materials from recycled waste (PET bottles) filled with as alternatives, cellulose (from paper recycling), sand, water.
-Cost to be in the order of 15% of existing construction costs (150 US$ sq mt)
- Panels will include piping, ducts, equipment, furniture,
-One house can be assembled in one day by a 3 man crew properly trained
-Houses to be totally self sufficient , power from sun, wind, geothermal, water to be recycled and reutilized for hydroponic food production and air purification , rain water collected in wall tanks and recycled,
- New housing types to reflect symbiosis concept by cooperating with the environment, without causing pollution, nor need of outside utilities. Houses to produce food by recycling rainwater as a second utilization, sanitary water to be decontaminated and bio wastes to produce fertilizers. All wastes to be separated and collected for recycling.

The Symbiosis concept wants to help reduce drastically housing costs, by simplifying systems, components and procedures, a house must not cost a generation worth of efforts to be paid by an average citizen, but must be a commodity at accessible costs to all society. Furthermore a house must enhance the environment, utilize its resources without bringing damages, pollution, wastes.

The new housing system must reflects current society needs, answer to the new lifestyles with areas for work, education, entertain, communicate, personal care, fitness, food preparation and privacy. The house must be connected to a web based management system to control all services, utilities, security as well supplies and requirements. The house as part of the artificial ecosystem must integrate with the natural one in a symbiotic relationship for mutual benefit.

Traditional materials and components must be replaced and redesigned , for fast and universal 3D printing techniques to manufacture easy to handle ( no heavy equipment needed), move and assemble. The house as a commodity, all included, (equipment, furniture, systems, connections , self sufficient power generation systems) must be affordable, light with fast and easy to assemble methods for its construction. The system flexibility will allow any style of construction as well as any shape. The inclusion of the equipment and systems will allow the passage from the conventional passive to a new active , house.


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