Poor man HVAC

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Poor man HVAC is a system of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning designed for homeowners to increase the quality of life in an eco-friendly way. The poor man HVAC is a low cost system that can moderate the temperature in the home living space while reducing the energy cost for comfort.

For the cost of running a box fan, people can cool their house in the summer with basement air that is geothermal cooled. People can use the same box fan in the spring and fall to warm their house with hot air that is passively solar heated from their attic. The use of this system can reduce or eliminate heating and cooling bills by 2 to 4 months (20%) per year.

The system is a made from a box fan and a lightweight polyethylene plastic sheet. The whole system is easy to make and can cost under $20 USD. The system is not patented, free to the public, and has been in use for several years and in several houses.

Make the air duct from a sheet of 2 to 4-mill plastic polyethylene. The tube should be 15-20 feet long and held together with duct tape. The circumference of the air duct can match the perimeter of the box on the box fan. Alternatively, the diameter of the poly air duct can transition from the fan perimeter to 12-inch diameter for fan operation while allowing easy access to the stairway. An extra benefit of running the Poor man’s HVAC system in the summer months is that the air transfer from the basement eliminates the need and cost for a dehumidifier in the basement. Note: fan operation without the air duct will result in a circular airflow inside the stairway with no net air transfer benefits. Basements should be checked for radon gas before using this system.

The system can become a connected device for remote control through the internet using your smart home automation along with a security/IP camera and indoor/outdoor thermometer. The thermometer should be in view of home IP camera. The outdoor remote temperature sensor from the thermometer should be placed by the fan. The camera view of the remote thermometer will show temperature in living space and fan location. Remotely turn the fan on or off as needed with smart home controls.

Whether using remote or manual control, the Poor man HVAC energy management can reduce the use of energy and increase the quality of your living space without compromising safety or environmental standards.


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