Rehabilitation of wet buildings

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Wet buildings are a serious problem in the architecture. Many methods are offered to improve the situation, with insulations though the wall, the sides of the walls, heat protection and so on. Following the problems for more than 40 years, and trying a lot of methods, there remained one very simple solution, any housekeeper knows: wet laundry should be dried in sunshine and air. Wet walls should be dried with sunshine and - yes, how to get sunshine in a wall?

The solution was more simple than expected: a collector catches heat from the sun, and some pipes with water transport it to the wall. The effect was more than astonishing: the walls got dry in some months, and at my owen building, the efforts for heating were reduced down to 40 %.

The two pictures below show the situation of a building in CZ in April 2013 and later in August 2013. It is the same corner of the building. In April we started the rehabilitation and there was no time to get anything dry. The walls were black of moud and wet. Only 4 months later the last wet spots disappeared and since that, the walls are fine.

In a next step some electronics should assist the users in drying their walls in an efficient manner, but the first step was to see, if and how it works.


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