Doubling Output From Solar PV Panels

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Solar photovoltaic are gaining popularity in the age for sustainable clean renewable energy source grows louder. It is well known that Sun’s energy on earth is expressed as 1kw/ square meter at AM 1. Many PV technologies have been developed to convert this energy into electrical energy. The efficiency of conversion is around 12 to 14%. Many scientists continue to improve the efficiency by changing the process of manufacture of silicon cells, which is at the core of conversion of light to electricity.

1. Is to almost DOUBLE THE OUTPUT per square meter of land with whatever existing technology.
2. The solar energy is today captured in 2 Dimension only, but now it is proposed to capture in 3 Dimension.
3. Under current technology solar cells are placed side by side in 2D to form a solar panel. Sun’s energy in visible region is converted into electrical energy in a PN junction lying underneath the top transparent electrode of the top surface, which is directly exposed to the sun. The back side of the solar cell is opaque and is the other electrode.
4. NOW imagine two such solar cells of current technology(which ever it could be= mono crystalline or polycrystalline or amorphous crystalline) are placed one back to back. So the back side of the panel is also active and is able to convert visible light energy to electrical energy.
5. The panel could be placed facing the sun as at present and the back side of the panel is illuminated with a suitable reflector.
6. Actual measurements have been made and found that with a good reflector placed suitably it is possible to get almost 85 to 90% of the power from the cell in comparison with that directly exposed to the sun.
7. By using suitable Maximum Peak power point tracking power (MPPT) electronics the electrical energy output could easily be summed up.
8. Only the solar cells are double per panel and all other components are same as before. Hence, investment cost comes down per Kw generated.
9. It is also possible to mount the solar panels in 3 Dimension instead of 2 Dimensions. There are additional advantages like the solar cell getting exposed only to reflected light –means less exposure to Infra red light which increase working temperature of the cell (and reduces output).
10. This technology could also be used on satellites to double the output per kilogram of load.
11. Measurement results did show that the solar cell characteristics are different for the cells directly facing the sun and that lit by reflected light. Both sides cannot be directly shorted.


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