Car/Cleaner Earth's Atmosphere Installation

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The earth's atmosphere is heavily polluted by greenhouse gases . Despite efforts to reduce air pollution, their concentration continues to increase. There are many types of purification plants. But their application to the extent sufficient to  cleanse the entire earth's atmosphere,is economical disadvantageously. They require the cost of manufacturing , use and a lot of energy to pump a lot of air through them.

The only solution is to introduce the purification plants, in other suitable mass product having a another appointment. I propose to build a car around the air purification plant- Venturi Scrubber. This will make the car more energy-efficient and safe as a means of transportation. And in parallel with the function of transporting,the car will be pumped and cleaned a huge amount of air.

 A large number of such vehicles, will support the composition of the atmosphere on the pre-industrial levels.

Users will get a good car, the earth and world's population -gratis good atmosphere.


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    Sergiu Ilinca
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