Waste Plastics Become Artificial Wood To Clean Ocean-Landfills For Delay-Deforestation & GHG Absorption

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The African wise saying: “Decapitation is not the solution to a Headache” holds sway in the current global hues and cries in reaction to the environmental nuiscance being created by the single-use plastics and the clamour for outright ban on the use.

Nature gave us challenges and solutions to these challenges are not far-fetched. We should look for ways to co-exist with plastics sustainably and safely too.

We have developed , prototyped and patented technologies that convert ag waste & all plastic wastes to sustainable products and composites for applications in the production of bioindustrials applicable as Artificial woody materials.

The emulsion biopolymer allows longer residence time and maximum use of biomass materials as additives in making Fossil plastics-Cellulose composite WOODy products that can be endlessly recycled for reuse. The menace of the plastics wastes in the environment may be safely eradicated and forest products would be usefully consumed if our technology is adopted round the world. Plastics turn WOODy with characteristics tailored toward different degree of hardness , nailablility, screwability and sawing . These characteristics are manipulated to specific needs because of the Emulsion Biopolymer additive which allows longer residence time in the molten phase of the plastic melting process and COLD MOLD too.

The precursor Non pyrolytic dissolution of agrowaste cellulose convert material is an emulsion bioresin with other versatile side applications in several industries. Other by products are applied in odor free leather processing, automotive parts, coatings, feromagnetics, surfactants, Biocides and emulsion biopolymer with
excellent versatilities.

The crade to crade processes allow forest fallow and carbon offset. The climate change is radically reduced.



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