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As we all know that one of the main pollution which is happening in the world is noise pollution and we know that it is mainly due to the noise made by automobiles due to the horn. This make serious problem in the society. It effects the ordinary people and also make serious problem to patients.

Here i would like to introduce a new horn mechanism called e horn. Its an eco friendly horn which will reduce the noise from automobile horn to a large extent. This is possible by using a device which is designed specifically for automobiles. Its capable of transmitting and receiving signals and this is connected to the audio system of the automobile. Here the device will have a range of 30 meters and when the horn button is pressed the device will transmit a signal in the 30 meter range and the surrounding cars with the device receive the signal and produce an alert sound inside the car so the external sound of the horn is reduced thereby reducing the noise pollution to a large extend.


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    Nigeo George
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    The current scenario in noise pollution made me think of this.
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